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There's nothing being taken literally here:

On Nov 19, 2012, at 3:01 AM, MarshaV <valkyr at att.net> wrote:

"When early Western investigators first read the Buddhist texts they too interpreted nirvana as some kind of suicide. There's a famous poem that goes: 

While living, 
Be a dead man. 
Be completely dead, 
And then do as you please. 
And all will be well. 

"It sounds like something from a Hollywood horror-film but it's about nirvana. The Metaphysics of Quality translates it: 

While sustaining biological and social patterns 
Kill all intellectual patterns
Kill them completely 
And then follow Dynamic Quality 
And morality will be served. 


"When Phaedrus first went to India he'd wondered why, if this passage of enlightenment into pure Dynamic Quality was such a universal reality, did it only occur in certain parts of the world and not others? At the time he'd thought this was proof that the whole thing was just Oriental religious baloney, the equivalent of a magic land called 'heaven' that Westerners go to if they are good and get a ticket from the priests. Now he saw that enlightenment is distributed in all parts of the world just as the color yellow is distributed in all parts of the world, but some cultures accept it and others screen out recognition of it."

          (LILA, Chapter 32)

                           * * * * * * * * * * * * *        

The purpose of mystic meditation is not to remove oneself from experience but to bring one's self closer to it by eliminating stale, confusing, static, intellectual attachments of the past. "

          (LILA, Chapter 9) 


 On Nov 19, 2012, at 4:06 AM, MarshaV <valkyr at att.net> wrote:

Do you think enlightenment, or "the mystical," is levitating three feet above the ground?  Or might it be nothing fancy, merely an expanded and deeper understanding/insight/experience of reality, a remaking of one's relationship to knowing?  Hasn't RMP stated that the ideal is to experience the Dynamic point-of-view simultaneously with the static point-of-view?

On Nov 19, 2012, at 6:11 AM, MarshaV <valkyr at att.net> wrote:

Why, your rational mind might ask, if the idea is to hold the Dynamic point-of-view simultaneously with the static point-of-view, would one need to kill all intellectual patterns?  My explanation is to first know deeply and first-hand the _experience_ of being without them: awareness, direct perceptions, pre-conceptual experience.  I mean on some level doesn't _simultaneous_ fly in the face of Aristotle's Law of Non-contradiction and all its deep-seeded sub- & un-conscious associated assumptions?  It's not either/or, it's _simultaneous_.   


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