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Ah, and so here we have it, direct from dmb's mouth to our ears.

"truth is an intellectual species of the good"

Which means, of course, that there are many truths, just as there are many
static intellectual patterns.  And, truth is what works or is useful, since
that is the pragmatic approach.  That something works, is the opinion of
that whom it works for.  Simple logic therefore dictates that truth is
opinion, or

"opinion is the intellectual species of the good"

I am glad that this works for dmb.  There are, of course, many opinions,
and dmb's is one, misguided as it may be.  I can only assume that he
believes what he pronounces to be that intellectual species of the good, as
opposed to the evil of others.  God against the Devil as it were.  This is
dmb's crusade, to tell us the true meaning of Quality.  We do not know what
is true, or what is good, dmb will tell us these things.

It is a pity that he does not understand MoQ, and that his crusade is
destructive (as they always are).  It is a shame that he has not progressed
past the literal.  It is an SQ world for dmb, devoid of DQ ("that which
cannot be named").  Such is the fate of the academic and the religious,
stuck in their towers secluded away from reality.  Have fun with it dmb!!
 You can watch the rest of us play in the fields of Quality.  Hope you
figure it out someday.  We'll be waiting for you.


On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 6:45 PM, david buchanan <dmbuchanan at hotmail.com>wrote:

> Marsha said:
> In my humble opinion, American Pragmatism can be made better by replacing
> 'truth' with inorganic, biological, social and intellectual static patterns
> of value.
> At the same time, Marsha quoted evidence directly contradicting her
> "humble opinion":
> "The value that holds a glass of water together is an inorganic pattern of
> value. The value that holds a nation together is a social pattern of value.
> They are completely different from each other because they are at different
> evolutionary levels. And they are completely different from the biological
> pattern that can cause the most sceptical of intellectuals to leap from a
> hot stove. These patterns have nothing in common except the historic
> evolutionary process that created all of them."  (LILA', Chapter 12)
> dmb says:
> The levels are not only different, sometimes they even conflict with each
> other. This is the core concept behind the MOQ's moral hierarchy.
> Just as health is a biological good, fame and fortune are social goods,
> truth is an intellectual species of the good. Truth can't be replaced by
> sex or money, obviously. That's too goofy to merit any further dispute.
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