[MD] Good and Truth in Platonic system

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In ZMM Pirsig clearly asserts that In Plato's system arete is "the Good",
and it is subordinated only to "the True", but "truth" is that which is
arrived at by the method of dialectic, this subjecting arete to debate and
definition in the dialectic method.  This subordination of arete to truth is
critical to Pirsig's insistence that Quality must remain undefined and

             But other sources affirm that Plato's ethical system affirms
"the Good" as the highest form of knowledge.  One writer refers to "the
Good" as "Agathon", not "arete".  He says, "The transcendence of the Agathon
makes immanent propositions about its content impossible."  That sounds very
much like arete.  Can anyone sort this out for me?




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