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Joseph Maurer jhmau at comcast.net
Wed Dec 5 14:36:29 PST 2012

Hi MarshaV

Evolution presupposes the logic base for DQ/SQ metaphysics.  How is
indefinable DQ perceived?

For myself I am content to try to expose an order in evolution as a start.
Evolution is a useful concept if you accept levels in existence.  This
acceptance establishes existential individuality for each level.  Perception
recognizes indefinable existence in the individual.  Conception is definable
existence in the order experienced.

A higher conscious level in metaphysical evolution beyond the logical level
manifested in mathematics is interesting to conceive.  All kinds of
questions have to be answered when truth is experienced in indefinable and
mathematically definable reality DQ/SQ.  Imho Evolution is a tough nut to
crack logically.



On 12/5/12 1:31 AM, "MarshaV" <valkyr at att.net> wrote:

> Imho, while perceptions precede conceptions, DQ precedes perception.

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