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> Many thanks to David Harding for this reference in ZMM.  That was exactly
> what I needed.  Paul Turner also sent me a quote from Plato that
> demonstrated this subordination of Good to Truth.  What I think I see from
> both references is that Good is the highest Form, but Truth is not a Form as
> such, but the result of the dialectic process.  Can anyone confirm the
> correctness of that understanding?

This would depend on how Truth is used.  According to an analysis of Plato, Truth is used in the same fashion as Quality is used by Pirsig.

Dialectic truth is the result of two opposing truths.  As such, it represents a contingent truth, based on the knowledge we create.

>  Is the Symposium the best dialogue to
> read for this subject?  Finally, what is the difference between a Form and
> an Idea?  Thanks to all who respond.

There are many ideas within a form.  In the Western interpretation, Quality is one such form, and MoQ has ideas.  "An idea" is different to "Idea".  The latter represents determinism.

Within the Quality interpretation this is different as you are learning.

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Note:   We should all be aware that Pirsig is not an expert on Plato (as is similar with his knowledge of Zen and motorcycle maintenance).  Pirsig uses the Plato metaphor to tell a story about Quality.
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