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Sun Dec 9 09:21:00 PST 2012

> There! 
> "Writing separates the knower from the known and thus sets up conditions for 'objectivity', in the sense of personal disengagement or distancing." 
>      (Ong, Walter J., 'Orality and Literacy', p. 45) 

"It sets up the conditions"  seems a far cry from the idea that SOM IS Intellect. I dont think there is much
of an arguement about the tendancy to reify concepts because it has also been asserted that reification
extends to any concept formed, which muddies the water concerning any hard defined intellectual level.
I think the trap is in trying to define the intellectual level in terms of historical evolution, when it is
probably best defined as an aspect of experience a type of value. I then think it can be understood
historically as a cultural value that gained promenance during the rise of the ancient Greek Hellenic empire.
SOM then is best understood as a cultural value rather than an evolutionary level. 

..Trying to mend the gap is a nobel gesture but the consequences of holding one vs the other is so great
as to almost being direct opposites in meaning. 


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