[MD] Devolution vs Evolution

Joseph Maurer jhmau at comcast.net
Thu Dec 13 13:16:27 PST 2012

Hi John,

A word that turns up now and then in discussions is 'Evolution'.

Evolution is not viable in the rigid logic of mathematical physics.

For a long while S/O was the language of metaphysics.  DQ/SQ is the insight
of Pirsig for language and metaphysics.

Mathematics is the language for physics where all is definable.

The language for Metaphysics embraces words like analogy, metaphor
indefinable, and other disciplines which help turn perceptions into
communicable conceptions.

My hope is that I know what I am talking about even when it is indefinable.

An acknowledgment of agreement, disagreement, no comment, matters!


On 12/13/12 7:39 AM, "Howze, John at EDD" <John.Howze at edd.ca.gov> wrote:

> Zen seems to me...beyond any rational discourse.

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