[MD] unarticlated operational framework

Howze, John@EDD John.Howze at edd.ca.gov
Thu Dec 13 13:13:19 PST 2012

A brujo who doesn't know quality, may not be a very good brujo.

In fact, the Brujos I have known were oriented toward a strict ethical framework.
The best examples would not want it known that was true though.

I would elaborate on my experience more, and support this assertion
only it would make little sense given the context.

Can we talk about Sir George James Frazier instead?  I loved The Golden Bough!!!

I am making a  statement to obfuscate was cited as being  mystical ignorance.
May I claim mystical ignorance too?
In fact, if I were more Southwestern US than I already am  - I would probably have more
'brujo' stories to tell.    Stories of peyote and mushrooms
and power and energy and animals and totems...they all kind of become interspersed.

To Quote Dan

<<<< I would say metaphysics examines the nature of reality (experience).

So yes, I think you are right in saying what you say.>>>>

"A Separate Reality"   A Yaqui Way of Knowledge.

Carlos Castaneda never sought the limelight.  Wrote his treatise for a academic audience.

lived in Brentwood, and expounded on his own work too extreme distraction.

but, it is an experience which others lived, and lived well too.

I'm sorry, I am working, and it's dark in your neck of the woods I suppose...given any location
for this conversation.

I also must say, I am finding my feet still.  I know where I am (at work), but metaphorically don't' know
where my feet are.

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