[MD] Does every thing have a why?

Joseph Maurer jhmau at comcast.net
Mon Dec 17 13:54:00 PST 2012

IMHO There is no place for "rational" in describing DQ/SQ metaphysics.
Rational is relational ratio.  DQ does not qualify.  There is no definition
for DQ since there is no rational explanation for DQ.  DQ/SQ is a viable
metaphysics.  DQ follows a faith structure in metaphysics.

Evolution not rationality becomes the basis for order in the structure of
physics, mathematics.  Mathematics cannot define the indefinable DQ
structure of reality.  DQ is prior to mathematics in being self contained.
Mathematics is relational.


On 12/17/12 4:11 AM, "David Harding" <davidjharding at gmail.com> wrote:

> What becomes more and more apparent by thinking about them though, is that the
> answer to this riddle is not rational and one will become more and more
> acquainted with what is the source of this riddle - DQ.

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