[MD] Pirsig's Honorary Doctorate

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Sat Dec 22 09:27:10 PST 2012


I'll put be uploading more material at the robertpirsig.org Facebook page from the MSU Chautauqua after the Christmas Holidays.  If the other presenters from the Event are agreeable (such as Dustin Dallman and "our own" David Buchanan), I will also be adding some of the presentations at the main robertpirsig.org website. 

As I said to Tina DeWeese and Michael Sexson (two of the main Chautauqua organisers) on Friday, we've only just about caught our breath with the Chautauqua and now it's Christmas....  two relatively intense events (both involving being confined with a few people - with their own particular ideas of how to do things - over just a couple of days to celebrate a gifted individual known throughout the world). 

Anyway, I wish everyone here a high quality Xmas and New Year (especially to Marsha V and David Buchanan for their hospitality while I was out in the States - no, I know it sounds like it sometimes on this Board but they don't live together and, in fact, live a respectable 800 miles away from each other) and also to Horse for maintaining and running this show; often a thankless task and certainly an unpaid one. 

Best wishes,


Ian Glendinning observed:
> Excellent. Wish I could have been there.
> I see Ant's facebook page has only a few photos so far - I hope you
> guys that were there will get more summary / transcripts out for
> people to see.
> Ian
> On Fri, Dec 12, 2012  at ::1  PM, david buchanan <dmbuchanan at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Commencement Talk 2012--- by Regent Professor Michael Sexson (He was also the Master of Ceremonies for MSU's Chautauqua 012)).
>> “The Right Rite” President Cruzado, Distinguished guests, faculty and staff, friends and families...




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