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Howze, John@EDD John.Howze at edd.ca.gov
Mon Dec 24 15:07:47 PST 2012

I love Commencement Addresses, and I have since
attending my brothers in 1976 at Texas A&M. GO AGGIES
A journalist, Lynn Ashby I think gave the address.
I have seen some I loved because I hated the address,
or rather the addresser at the commencement.
I can even find fault with the people listening to the
bogus advice to move out in the world, and conquer it.
Why doesn't someone stand up and tell the speaker to
just shut up.   It would be impolite I suppose, but why give someone
that opportunity to bullshit the audience.  (Another famous
book by a philosopher was titled  Bullshit, if you remember)?
I think it was written in 500 words.  Brevity is the soul of wit.
Johnny Football, or Johnny Manziel, the Heisman Trophy
winner this year as a Freshman is a Texas Aggie.
What a display of sport he put on.  definitely in the zone,
in the moment, the Zen Quarterback.
Sports probably enjoys too much popularity, and philosophy
too little.   Maybe philosophy is the only true science that
takes wisdom to perfect.   Mathematics seems to favor the
young, whereas philosophy, well the hair growing out of my
ears says what my basic philosophy is  and continues to be.
And motorcycle mechanics, they get better with age hopefully.
Still, if you ask me, the very thing that defines the moment,
is being there...fully. Much like the young display imho.
I would hope Robert Pirsig was in the moment, when the address was
given and the Honorary Doctorate awarded.
I'm somewhat confused whether that was to be, but hope it was so anyway.
I enjoyed the address immensely, some hope exists that bullshit aside,
we all can attain to a higher purpose, and meet the goal of that aspiration
as Pirsig did.

Sadly, the way I am finding the search for answers in the media of the electronic age
is not conducive to reflection, and it seems  reflection on a book written
forty plus years ago, takes some time to come through clearly.
Everything has a time, and a time to ever purpose as the Good Book says.
I wonder if the follow-up, was written intentionally to mislead the attempt
to synthesize what Pirsig wrote.  I don't know, worse outcomes could
arise.  Synthesis is already coming about in this homage to Pirsig if I am not wrong.

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