[MD] A new Pirsig inspired book

Austin Fatheree austin.fatheree at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 09:03:12 PDT 2017

Hello List,

I’ve finally published my Prisig inspired book.

I’m really interested in getting the opinion of those that have spent a
long time thinking about Pirsig's ideas.  I know some of my conclusions
don’t line up exactly with what he put forward but I don’t think I’ve
strayed too far from the path.  The first 50 or so pages present a MOQ
based moral framework that explores where we go from here as technology
advances.  I then present a new economic framework enabled by new
blockchain technologies.  Finally, I propose some iterative changes to the
constitution that would set up a society based on this new economic

The book can be purchased in physical form here:


On kindle here(free for Kindle Unlimited Users):


And on the web (for free) here:


You can comment and ask questions on github here:


Thanks for checking it out,


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