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Hi MOQers

An incredible person is dead and I offer my sympathies to his family and 

The King of MOQ is dead, long live his powerful ideas.

In tribute I would like to offer an idea that may in the future open up 
some new connections for Pirsig's powerful challenge to the SOM 
dominance of our culture.

Is the reality of SQ and DQ, and the differences between SQ and DQ 
reflected in the very structure of the brain?  -a brain developed to 
handle both the static and dynamic, analytical and synthetic sides of 
engaging with experience/reality:


It might help to explain why our culture and intellects struggle to see 
both sides of quality working together and keep trying to banish one 
side and suppress the other. Yin and yang, however, can not be 
separated, and neither side fully annihilated.

All the best MOQers
David Morey

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