[MD] The need for quality

Andrew Chu andrew.chu at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 20:24:07 PDT 2017

Hello all,

My name is Andrew and I came across this site after re-visiting Zen recently.  Zen was, without a doubt, the book that has made the most formative impact on my own personal philosophies and values.

So I’m not sure who else is still active, but figured it was worth reaching out.  

It seems to me that the world today could benefit greatly from a broader understanding of Quality.  

The fundamental framework that qualities are intrinsic in things, peoples, cultures is driving more and more swaths of humanity apart.  Your quality is determined by where you live, what car you drive, what language you speak, the color of your hair, the religion you practice, the party you voted for.  These are all driven by the simple humanistic tendency to make sense of the world by creating symbolic representations of disparate pieces of data and observations.  However, without an understanding of the nature of quality, these simple models have in many ways *become* the world.  The representations have become the reality.

And that’s a problem.

The simple acknowledgement that quality exists within the relationship between things, encompassing both the subjective and the objective nature of our individual experiences, could give people the freedom to feel comfort in their own perspective on the world while also understanding that that relationship is unique to them and might not be shared equally by others.  It could give us the opportunity to start breaking down some of the increasingly prevalent Us vs Them dichotomies we see in the world.

Anyhow, I hope this finds everyone well.  I look forward to engaging in dialogues about all things Quality.


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