[MD] The need for quality

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Maybe one way to spread quality is to imbue it in what we do?

Spend our precious hours finding those things that we uniquely connect with and venture into that quality connection.

Has anyone watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi?  That’s quality if I ever saw it.  It’s as if a low thunderous roar of quality was building over the last 70 years of his life and once it crested it left a lasting impression across the world.

We need more of that.  It could be anything, sushi, soccer, singing, strawberry jam.  The paradox of our time is that we have so many ways to express our quality and so little quality to express.

That needs to change.

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Hi Adrie,
Yes, new every day. I like that. Thanks, Adrie!

On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 3:18 AM, Adrie Kintziger <parser666 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can we still be surprised and feel awe when we discover a bird's nest in
> the
> shrubs or a frog in the polder?,we should be!,....many people loose this
> ability early in life.We can ask ourselves,...
> Did the emotional/intellectual adaptive filter close too early for them,and
> did the pattern dissolve itself to give way for other patterns to
> emerge?......,
> Sometimes a bit strange that i will take a philosopher stance to stop
> thinking about these things, and go back to expiriencing again, as if
> everything is anew every day.
> Adrie
> 2017-08-22 9:00 GMT+02:00 Dan Glover <daneglover at gmail.com>:
>> Hi guys,
>> Great discussion!
>> Hey. Just an aside. Maybe. But maybe not. I just got back from viewing
>> the eclipse. First time I ever've seen totality. Had to check what I
>> was drinking for if someone'd slipped LSD into it or maybe diced up
>> psilocybin mushrooms on that breakfast burrito I had earlier. Took off
>> work and drove 400 miles for a totality lasting 2 minutes 40 seconds
>> and I'd do it again tomorrow were there another. Mindblowing.
>> Completely mindblowing.
>> See, intellectually I knew exactly what an eclipse is. I knew what to
>> expect. But to witness that mofo... that was an experience. People've
>> asked me oh did it get dark and did you see stars and did the crickets
>> start into chirping and yes to all but Jesus God there were people
>> driving past me at the same moment the moon was blocking out the sun
>> and their headlights were on and but they never even pulled over to
>> look. And they were right there. Right there.
>> One of  the people I was with said hey it's because we're in Missouri.
>> And he wasn't joking. More, though, leading up to the eclipse I kept
>> getting nasty messages on Facebook saying: "am I the only one not
>> going to the eclipse?" And people are agreeing. Oh yeah. Big waste of
>> time, that. I'm not going. As if it is somehow okay to be jaded. No.
>> Expected. How one of the wonders of the world is right there above our
>> heads and we're too busy or too adultish or too know-it-all to take
>> the time and watch and those of us who do revel in the experience are
>> dullishly off-kilter, worthy of putdowns.
>> I'm not much into politics. The wheel turns. Now is the time for
>> stupid people to rule. That'll pass as it always does. If you accept
>> the basic tenet of the MOQ, that quality and morality are identical,
>> then you might also see how what's better is driving evolution on all
>> four levels. And what's better doesn't necessarily mean intellect
>> always rules. I read this article about how birds what live along
>> roadways are evolving shorter wingspans. That doesn't presuppose as
>> some would have it an intelligent being overseeing such happenings nor
>> is it a matter of chance. Rather, birds with long wingspans are unable
>> to fly away quickly enough and are killed by cars thus unable to
>> propagate. Short wings are better.
>> There are so many ah ha moments in life which we gloss over.
>> Especially should things not fit with our preconceived notion of the
>> world and our place in it. If the MOQ teaches us anything, it should
>> be to wake up. To be there. To give our attention to what is right in
>> front of us instead of forever planning for tomorrow.
>> Anyway...

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