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> Hell Dan and All; 
> I get a lot of my philosophy of quality, not from Pirsig but from William Edwards Deming. It was back in the twenties when Walter Shewhart and Deming were searching for ways to improve the Quality of transmission lines at Bell Labs. They had defined Quality as a SYSTEM that is in a state of continuous improvement. Shewhart and Deming looked at all SYSTEMs then used their intellect or reason to search for ways to improve the SYSTEM. 
> Martin Luther King also used his intellect for ways to improve the SYSTEM, in which he paid the ultimate price that was delivered from Biologically dominated human beings. 
Ron interjects:
Hello Wes,Dan, All,
I've been following the thread off and on and I was curious about how Wes defined the term "SYSTEM".
 In system theory it is defined as 
an entity with interrelated and interdependent parts; it is defined by its boundaries and it is more than the sum of its parts (subsystem). 
Positive growth and adaptation of a system depend upon how well the system is adjusted with its environment, and systems often exist to accomplish a common purpose (a work function) that also aids in the maintenance of the system or the operations may result in system failure.
With the goal being isotelesis.
the intelligent direction of effort toward the achievement of an end.

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