[MD] The need for quality

Adrie Kintziger parser666 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 23:59:23 PDT 2017

Hi, Wes, I live in Belgium, and i have copy's of 'Zen'... and 'Lila', in
different language's.Belium is tri-lingual. It seems to depend on the
editor/corrector/translator and...the several runs of it publishing.
You are not correct as it differs for the L and l in the way you are

Btw , Dan had the opportunity to work with Pirsig himself(the Author), on a
book follow -up called 'Lila's Child',to clarify some issue's, and Dan
became an expert on the Subject Lila,Lila's Child, and Pirsig's work
If he offers something, it is nearly as good and solid,as it was given
first handed by Pirsig himself.
I also remember Pirsig making the statement about the Lilac's odor.
But Dan is correct,Lila is Pirsig.Lila is an imaginary product.Lila is
inorganic/organic/biological/intellectual. In this summary nothing is


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