[MD] Sin Part 1

Case Case at iSpots.com
Thu Nov 23 05:48:40 PST 2006

> [Case]
> It seems there is something very critical at the heart of our 
> disagreements but I just can't figure out what it is.

I think it has to do with freedom vs. order, a bone of contention since 
the beginning of time. But, I could be wrong.

I think I know what you mean by this but please expand. How are freedom and
order in conflict?

I judge moral superiority on the basis of the MOQ levels, plus DQ. That 
I could be wrong I admit. I don't consider myself the final word on the 

How do you think the levels clarify moral order? Is this the idea that it is
better for an idea to kill a society than for a society to kill an idea? So
that anything at a higher level is morally superior to anything at a lower

In war those who are dedicated to overthrowing your Constitution that
protects and preserves civil rights forfeit civil rights. 

Persons tried and convicted of an offense forfeit their civil rights.
Depriving anyone of due process is a greater threat to the Constitution than
the toppling of buildings or the slaughter of innocents.

I listen to creditable opponents of conventional wisdom. Science has a 
long record of being wrong. I also suspect the motives of 
environmentalists because their solutions are always higher taxes and 
more government control.

Science is often wrong because it is the business of science to prove itself
wrong. In the case of man's impact on climate the argument is over politics
not science. There is scientific consensus that there is a problem. What to
you think the cost of doing nothing will be?

Maybe he does and maybe he doesn't. I can only go from what he wrote.
Do you know his position on global warming? Radical Islam? Iraq? I know 
he doesn't think much of religion.

Pirsig tends to be vague on specifics.

[Platt on Part 2]
I sent it off a long time ago. Lost in digital space?

Think I responded but oh well.

Hope this adds to your understanding. I don't expect a conclusion -- 
except I'm right and you're wrong. So now go play in the traffic. :-) 

I am willing to amend my conclusion to "Maybe I am right and maybe you are
wrong." But it could be the other way around. Now go sit on a hot stove.

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