[MD] kill all intellectual patterns

MarshaV valkyr at att.net
Sat Dec 1 00:40:37 PST 2012

Poor dmb, he thinks philosophical discussions include toilet talk.

> On 11/29/12 10:47 AM, "david buchanan" <dmbuchanan at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Some people can learn faster than others and that's fine. But the level of
>> incorrigibility demonstrated by these trolls can't be explained by the
>> standard variations in intelligence. These cases are so extreme that there
>> must be a fairly serious psychological problem at work here. Whatever the
>> cause might be, the effect is a constant stream of interruptions and
>> diversions from folks who just cannot or will not play this game we call
>> philosophy. I think we can have compassion and still fully recognize that they
>> are turds in the punchbowl.

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