[MD] Good and Truth

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Fri Dec 7 08:39:38 PST 2012

"If he wanted to do Quality a favor he should just leav it alone"
"he himself insisted that Quality cannot be defined, yet here he was
about to define it"
"But the answer to all this - purity identified ceases to be purity"
"the only person who doesent pollute the mystic reality of the world
with metaphysical meanings is a person who hasn't yet been born"
"Positivism{snip} is an outgrowth of empiricism the idea that all
knowledge must come from experience and is suspicious of any
thought even a scientific statement, that is incapable of being reduced 
to direct observation."
"The Metaphysics of Quality restates the empirical basis of logical
positivism with more precision, more inclusiveness, more 
explanitory power"
"the value itself is an experience, as such it is completely predictable"
"it is verifiable"
"It is reproducable"
"it is the least ambiguous, least mistakable there is."
"Quality is the primary empirical reality of the world"
Ron sez:
I would take it that RMP is of the persuasion that Quality
(extended to the dynamic) is not defineable BUT
it is predictable, verifiable,reproducable and least
mistakeable.Thus It holds a truth value. 
The ancient Greeks came to a similar conclusion regarding
the nature of the good. Parmenides reasoned that since
it was predictable,verifiable,reproducable and least mistakable
that it was eternal, an extension Pirsig did not make.

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