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Wed Dec 12 21:15:57 PST 2012

Hello everyone

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 10:05 AM, Howze, John at EDD <John.Howze at edd.ca.gov> wrote:
> I wonder if this creates a conflict w/ the modern day ownership idea.
> What is ours, remains ours, no other owns us. Property rights being the dominant ethic today.
> Subject/object duality seems inherent in the first case described by MarshaV.
> Since the speaker or writer is not accountable for their words or truth or lack thereof.
> And then again, there is nothing new to be written seems a truism.
> Such that, we all borrow from many sources in whatever we say or do.
> There can be no authorship, as it all arises out of contextual pool of knowledge.

Hello John, good to meet you.

We are precluded from 'borrowing' the written word by copyright laws.
I cannot take ZMM, for instance, publish it, and sell it as my own
book. This is known as intellectual property rights. Think of it this
way... we use the alphabet to form words and we use words everyone
uses. But when we take those letters and words and form our own unique
sentences and stories we have created something that is ours. If
someone comes along and takes it and uses it as their own without our
permission, we have legal recourse. From what I understand, back in
the 1800s before copyright laws became applicable, it was common
practice for publishers to take an author's work and publish it for
profit without any remuneration to said author.

> Anyway, thank you for letting me inscribe some sense in my own words.
> I am new, should listen more, and not interject as much.
> And, to interject more "Writing is easy. One just sits over a page of paper and bleeds from the forehead."

Hemingway. Only I think he just said "bleed."

> I have read the bylaws, and yes I have read Lila and ZMM, and hope to include some of that in the discussion.
> When I jumped in here, it was more by way of not seeming to lurk, and wanting some area to find consensus.

It is good of you to join us.

Thank you,



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