[MD] I am responding later

Howze, John@EDD John.Howze at edd.ca.gov
Tue Dec 18 09:19:05 PST 2012

<"The word ?I? like the word ?self? is one of the trickiest words in any metaphysics. Sometimes it is an object, a human body; sometimes it is a subject, a human <mind. I believe there are number of philosophic systems, notably Ayn Rand?s ?Objectivism,? that call the ?I? or ?individual? the central reality. Buddhists say it <is an illusion. So do scientists. The MOQ says it is a collection of static patterns capable of apprehending Dynamic Quality." - LC>

I believe 'illusion' is the essence of Buddhist teaching, although others may think it is 'Life is Pain'.

And quite likely my illusions involve what others illusions involve.

So if we share in these illusory thoughts, beliefs, ideas...they have a commonality of sort.

Illusion in the Buddhist sense equates to the phenomenal world.   I kind of think this  
Is askew, since my illusions of the phenomenal world, are about all I have sometimes.

Window on the world I guess is attenuated by the debris of the intellect.    Pirsig's intellect seems to bathe this in light...thankfully.

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