[MD] a flimsy canopy of patterns

MarshaV valkyr at att.net
Wed Dec 19 23:35:40 PST 2012

David Loy in 'The Great Awakening: A Buddhist Social Theory' explains there are three types of dukkha [suffering]:  dukkha-dukkhata, viparinama-dukkhata & sankhara-dukkhata.  The first is derived from suffering "all physical, emotional, and mental pain and discomfort, including being separated from people we like to be with, and being stuck with those we do not."  The second is suffering that "arises from impermanence, from knowing that nothing lasts forever and most things do not last long."  The third type is suffering from the five components of the self, the skandhas [form, apperception or sensibility, perception, volition/will and consciousness], "or more precisely, those physical and mental processes whose interaction creates a sense of self.  So this dukkha has something to do with the doctrine of anatta, the strange but essential Buddhist claim that our sense of subjectivity does not correspond to any real ontological self --- or in the (post) modern terms I have been using, the claim that the sense of self is a construct." 
By the way, David Loy has a wonderful youtube talk:


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