[MD] a flimsy canopy of patterns

MarshaV valkyr at att.net
Thu Dec 20 00:24:09 PST 2012

"...  He [Shakyamuni] went on to discover a 'middle way' that does not simply split the difference between the sense enjoyment and sense denial.  It focuses on calming and understanding the mind, for only insight can liberate us from our usual preoccupation with trying to become happy by satisfying our cravings.  The goal is not to eradicate all desires but to experience them in a nonattached way, so that we are not controlled by them.  Contrary to the stereotype of Buddhism as a world-denying religion, the Buddhist goal does not necessarily involve transcending this world in order to experience some other one.  Rather, the goal is attaining a wisdom that realizes the true nature of this world, including the true nature of oneself, and through this wisdom being liberated from dukkha."

      (Loy, David, 'The Great Awakening: A Buddhist Social Theory', p. 73)

 "To the extent that one's behavior is controlled by static patterns of quality it is without choice. But to the extent that one follows Dynamic Quality, which is undefinable, one's behavior is free."

      (Pirsig, Robert, M., 'LILA', Chapter 12)

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