[MD] Frankly my Dear

Howze, John@EDD John.Howze at edd.ca.gov
Thu Dec 20 12:31:42 PST 2012

I have heard of those types of suffering, but was thinking
it actually had to do with dying and feeling illness, more mundane maybe.

I agree with either concept as defining suffering.
I certainly have experienced insatiable craving, but that
is not so much suffering, as it is thirst, which is also not
so much suffering as unfulfilled desire.

And, suffering, well let's just say in the agony of dying,
there can be a transcendent beauty, and maybe that is
disheartening to some, that we find such exquisite beauty in that experience.

Truth beauty/ or beauty truth....maybe dukkha has no meaningful correspondence in some experience.

I think internal states such as thirst, craving, and  insatiable desire, avoid actual physical suffering.
If I can crave, and attempt to fill the emptiness, whether a hole, or a whole, then I'm okay with that.

I'm not going to lessen my suffering in that regard, which is an illusion then.    Maya comes along
and dukes my numb skull attempts at happiness.

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