[MD] MerryXmas

Jan Anders Andersson jananderses at telia.com
Mon Dec 24 06:00:14 PST 2012

To all of you

"We love what we have learned to love. We hate what we have learned to hate. The task is to get beyond [what] we have learned and create a reality for ourselves." Jeanette Winterson. 

Christmas is one lesson in the school of christianity. If the pupils don't believe in the teacher, the pedagogical value will be none. The market people belive in the buiyng forces that create their december yield, mostly because it's measureable numbers.

Years before christianity occupied Juletime, Juletime was a big and important time for gathering, bartering and making up plans for the coming year.

Depending on your personal beliefs, if you get the chance and time to stay with your friends at Jul, it can be a great time for contemplation. Take your time and don't eat the whole goose, or what you prefer, in one chunk.

If you believe in what they say on TV, keep it on. If you believe in gaming, stick to your screen, if you belive in singing, sing along together. If you believe in Quality ....

Jul is the time when our true beliefs can come through, along with some real fine winter Ale, of course.

Cheers and Merry Jul to all of you!

Jan Anders

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