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Greetings Joe,

On Dec 29, 2012, at 4:39 PM, Joseph  Maurer <jhmau at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi MarshaV and All,
> For a philosophy to reflect about its own nature seems like trying to lift
> myself by my own bootstraps.  

'Ahh, do it anyway. It's interesting [to try].'  

> To avoid individuality Pirsig, imho, logically
> posited reality as DQ/SQ, indefinable/definable reality.


> How can I know DQ?  

Do you mean 'How can you experience DQ?'  One way to approach the Ultimate (DQ) is by discovering that your certainties are false, or so some have suggested.  

Oh, the question was rhetorical! 

> Metaphysics DQ/SQ, Definable/indefinable.  Consciousness
> embraces indefinable reality DQ/SQ analogy/metaphor beyond the purview of SQ
> only logical definitive discourse.  I find no contradiction in that
> statement only the evolution of metaphysics beyond mathematical physics.

The Question is what is the Question? 


> Joe
> On 12/27/12 11:37 PM, "MarshaV" <valkyr at att.net> wrote:
>> "In sum, if philosophy is reflective about its own nature, what is it to make
>> of the fact that philosophical thinking cannot be carried on by the unaided
>> human mind but only by the human mind that has familiarized itself with and
>> deeply interiorized the technology of writing?  What does this precisely
>> intellectual need for technology have to say about the relationship of
>> consciousness to the external universe? ..."
>>        (Ong, Walter J., 'Orality and Literacy', pp. 169-170)

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