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Hi MarshaV,

To have a question you must have a questioner.  It is clearer when the
answer follows a metaphysical format DQ/SQ rather than a mathematical


On 12/31/12 2:08 AM, "MarshaV" <valkyr at att.net> wrote:

> John Wheeler speaking in April 2003 to the American Physical Society:
> The Question is what is the Question?
> Is it all a Magic Show?
> Is Reality an Illusion?
> What is the framework of the Machine?
> Darwin's Puzzle: Natural Selection?
> Where does Space-Time come from?
> Is there any answer except that it comes from consciousness?
> What is Out There?
> T'is Ourselves? Or, is IT all just a Magic Show?
>    ( http://quantumbuddhism.com/QB-ARTICLES/MIR-Myth.pdf )
> On Dec 30, 2012, at 7:44 PM, Joseph  Maurer <jhmau at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Hi "MarshaV" and All,
>> For many centuries SOM was accepted as metaphysical reality.  When
>> questioning SOM, variety in existence is necessary.  The existence of S, and
>> the existence of O.
>> Logically two types of existence are described in S/O.  But there is no
>> logical way to separate S & O varieties in existence beyond individuality so
>> names were used insect, animal, male, female etc., for modalities in
>> existence.
>> In the MOQ DQ/SQ abandons the idea of S/O existence and returns to a one
>> size fits all status of existence using an indefinable/definable modality in
>> existence.  The MOQ, how we know things, uses DQ/SQ as indefinable/definable
>> modalities in existence.  A conscious knower-of-life modality discernment,
>> sentient/non-sentient life, are acceptable.
>> Joe  
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