[MD] Upcoming APA Meeting

John Carl ridgecoyote at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 12:25:15 PST 2016

During the West Coast meeting of the APA there will be a talk given
across the street to Royce aficianadoes and I will be attending, if
anyone is in the area and would like to meet and greet.

In fact, I will be one of the presenters.  (modesty dictates an "ahem"
here)   It's not a big deal, just explaining what Grass Valley is like
to people from all over the world who are interested in Royce's
birthplace, but it's a great opportunity to meet scholars and authors
and I'm greatly excited, of course.

I know Ian was in the Bay Area for a bit, but haven't heard from him
so I don't know if he still is around  but one of my passions  has
been  "selling" the idea of Pirsig's metaphysics to Royceans, and
that's been an uphill slog. I could use some help.

 Royceans are too focused on getting acceptance of Royce to have much
time to entertain radical notions about the spread of Pragmatism in
non-academic circles.  But anyhoo, there it is.  My talk will be on
4-1-16.  That's right, April Fool's Day.  How apropos.  I've been
saying to myself for weeks, "this must be some kind of joke".


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