[MD] Rest In Peace Mr Pirsig

Adrie Kintziger parser666 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 11:48:11 PDT 2017

greetings all, ...long time no see.-

Mr Pirsig has died, but the monument created by him,"Zen and ",will stand
his ground forever.An incredible work of art. He also created "Lila".Lesser
enjoyable,more difficult, but  filosophical science is just that;a lesson-;
not a playground for fools.

I did an incredible amount of research on the field of genealogy, concerning
my own surname.I found were they all live wordwide.For the American part of
my journey i had the help of some Americans that had the skills to search
the records on Ellis Island, and the archives of the states seperately,
the records were moved to Ellis.I also had the help of someone from Sceaux,
in France, who is a professor in history.
But the biggest help came from a man that lives in South Berwick and had
acces to the census records of America.This man was a real wizard to find
people.....so , i admit, i could not resist.
Very strange to find out that Mr Pirsig also lived in South Berwick.

After some time i got the complete story.He is/was not a recluse.
The Pirsig did very well in their community,and he did not shun daylight.
He lived in a very beautiful environment full of snow in wintertime,nice
with mighty trees, and a lot of space around his house.
The direct environment has lots of stunning waterbody's, waterfalls, salmons
and borders New Hampshire in the midlle of the river.I think his boat was
hidden on this river for quite some time.
He was extremely interested for the native/indian's history around New
England.Probably His wife, Wendy, had something to do with that.

I will miss him,forever, but his  books and story's will accompany me to
the end of my days.
If one of the trusted sources here, like Horse, Arlo ,Dan, or David Buchanan
likes to write a letter of condoleances to Mrs Pirsig,drop me a mail to
 ask for the adress,
i will provide it for this occasion only, and only for these people
privately and
not to display on the forum.

Given what he wrote about the reincarnation of Chris......in the additions
of later versions of his work i think its fair to state that he will meet
Chris again
finally.They will level out now.


2017-04-26 15:19 GMT+02:00 Horse <horse at darkstar.uk.net>:

> Hi All
> Many of you will have heard by now that Robert Pirsig passed away on
> Monday 24th April 2017.
> My apologies for not posting sooner.
> If you wish to leave any thoughts about Mr Pirsig then please feel free to
> post here.
> My own thoughts are that I am proud to have helped, even in a small way,
> to get Pirsig's message out to the world.
> I know that he used to read our discussions on these lists and was pleased
> that there were so many people involved over the years.
> Robert Pirsig made a difference to our world and made it a better world
> with his work and his presence.
> I will miss him greatly.
> Horse
> --
> "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments
> that take our breath away."
> — Bob Moorehead
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