[MD] cloud atlas.

Adrie Kintziger parser666 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 14:33:46 PDT 2017

I did some more reading today, Dan, and i have to say,the story's are
stunning.This writer is really far pitching.What took my attention most and
give me the feeling that i was walking around in alice's wonderland, is
that he went around the geographical timetable's to situate his caracters
in their locations.
When JR Ewing speaks , he uses the 1850  spelling of the Dutch /Flemish
language,when the letters of Zedelghem are spoken about, the author uses
the 1931 language spelling, as the story situates itself in..... etc,
brilliant!, he actually used words that i had to look up in the dictionary,
and i'm from around here.A particulair word,"verwaten", does nor even exist
anymore!;this is a very rare quality in a writer.
He actually writes some phrases in Western Flemish,like he is from around
there, dialect as they come. Superb.

But i'm struggling with one of the story's.
He embeds a story about the Kona within the two orison articles(not written
as a chapter). It looks like an essay.But it is written in a sort of
Dutch and absolutely not Flemish dialect, that is so filthy and limp, and
idiotic that one can only find it around the big asocial city's like say
Rotterdam and Amsterdam.Extremely annoying.I do not understand why this is
written this way.



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