[MD] The need for quality

Dan Glover daneglover at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 16:04:11 PDT 2017

Hi Adrie,

I found the PDF of Inferno. Thank you for recommending it. Sounds like
a holiday to me! Enjoy!

On Sat, Sep 2, 2017 at 7:01 AM, Adrie Kintziger <parser666 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bi Dan,
> I have WiFi in the hotel here in Bodrum,and additionally to iT, i have
> acces to a little library here,,so i can read your mail and Study the book
> at the same time from the pool here!...Nice ,looking at the Knights
> Hostpittaler castle over the bay and the yachties boats between the hotel
> and me i''m Reading 'Inferno' by Dan Brown,and Cloud Atlas, to compare Some
> issue's:this you Can find and acces on the web' Inferno, prb as a pdf for
> students!. Please read of you Can the chapterand chapters along chapt
> 84'concerning the citerns in the Hagia Sophia!. THere are Some historical
> and geographical component i would-be like to discussie with you. Yeah,
> Mulish i,m aware of iT today, the latest biography is not translated in
> English.But the good News is,you do not have to read iT, only the first two
> sentences and the last are  important for us and i Can translate.
>    'This desk is my country,iT is my island,the only country i Can call
> myself a nationalist for,andtheonly country i,M willing to die for,
> Writing About huis desk.   Pls forgive me thetypo,s the machine is fast
> switching to Turkish from Dutch, and doubting between Flamish and English
> spellingcheck from this location.I'm not drunk.,.! ADrie


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