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>> Hello X-Acto, I will keep to Pirsigs or Demings description of a SYSTEM, 
>> because both of them talk about corruption, you can review Pirsigs full 
>> description in Chapter 8. 
>> Pirsig is extremely artful in his description because he has a Doctorate 
>> in Creative Writing; Deming a physicist, mathematician, and statistician, 
>> sometimes outwardly states they are corrupted by their greed. I think that 
>> the systems theorists description that you sent me was well thought out of 
>> what it should be; but naive as to what happens in real life, a SYSTEM can 
>> create the Iraq war and unknowingly produce an ISIS, but was it really an 
>> intelligent move? 
>> Here is some of what Pirsig states in Chapter 8; 
>> "But to tear down a factory or revolt against a government....because it 
>> is a system is to attack effects rather than causes, and as long as the 
>> attack is against effects, no change is possible. The true system, the real 
>> system is the construction of systemic thought itself, rationality of 
>> thought, and if a factory is torn down but the rationality of thought which 
>> produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce 
>> another factory." 
>> "If a revolution destroys a systematic government, but the same systematic 
>> patterns of thought are left intact, 
>> then those same patterns will repeat themselves in succeeding 
>> governments." From Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert 
>> Pirsig 
>> In this imaginary story "the real system is the construction of systemic 
>> thought itself, rationality of thought" of the capitalist system 
>> which is based wholly on greed and self interest, which is a part of 
>> government just as much as it is part of business. The rationality of the 
>> CEO and the accountant in this made up story is the real system, "the 
>> construction of systemic thought itself, rationality of thought",is not 
>> science its disturbed and biased and will always make poor decisions 
>> concerning quality because of self interest, self importance and greed.

Ron replies :
Thanks for the clarification Wes, I'm going to read up on Deming and hopefully I can speak to you with alittle more precision .
I am very interested in this subject matter.


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