[MD] a flimsy canopy of patterns

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Wed Dec 19 14:41:15 PST 2012

Hi MarshaV and All,

I can't relate to a bottomless craving.  IMHO In DQ/SQ metaphysics the
indefinable is present.  For variety Evolution in existence seems a more
secure approach than thirst.  I can experience the indefinable.
Communicating that experience follows the metaphysical structure of DQ/SQ.


On 12/19/12 9:14 AM, "MarshaV" <valkyr at att.net> wrote:

> Suffering
> ---
> "What Is the Cause of Social Dukkha?
> "According to Shakyamuni, the cause of our suffering is _tanha_, usually
> translated as "craving" but more literally as "thirst."  Nothing we drink can
> ever assuage our tanha, because that thirst is due to an emptiness at the core
> of our being.  It is as if that core were a bottomless pit, something like the
> black hole that astronomers believe lie at the center of most galaxies.  No
> matter how much we try to fill up our own black hole with this or that,
> everything is swallowed up and disappears into it.
> "It is bottomless because our sense of self is an ungroundable construct.
> Notice, however, the second noble truth does not identify our problem as
> groundlessness.  The problem is "thirst". --- not the emptiness at the core of
> our being but our incessant efforts to fill that hole up, because we
> _experience_ it as a sense of lack that must be filled up.  The problem is not
> that I am unreal but that I keep trying to make myself real in ways that never
> work.  This implies there might be another way to experience  our
> groundlessness."
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