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First welcome to the discuss. Second , yes, you are going to find those types of discussions at the Lilasquad site. 
Here, however we like to follow the tradition of Pragmatism for the most part. There are a few members who are involved in the Academic side of philosophy and I for one am glad they contribute.
The conversation usually involves the traditional problems of philosophy and the push against Platonism as it exists in modern western culture and the struggle with current trends of anti-intellectualism.
Relativism was a major hurdle this forum recently emerged from.
Topics have ranged from Ancient Greek philosophy to pedagogy.
  I myself have benefited immensely
From reading the essential works of Plato to gain a basic context of the philosophic problems Robert Pirsig is addressing in his books. 
That's about as condensed as I can get given the time I have at the moment but welcome aboard!

> On Oct 26, 2015, at 10:26 AM, Austin Fatheree <austin.fatheree at gmail.com> wrote:
> So can any one give a cliffs notes version of where discussion of the MOQ
> is at the current time?  I've tried reading some of the posts on LilaSquad
> and I've clearly missed something as most of them are about religion and
> some strange kind of AI that has inscrutable arrays of mystic sounding
> words.
> -Austin
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>> Hello Austin,
>> Great to have you with us! So you've read Lila and Lila's Child... you
>> come prepared, I see. Speaking of Nassim Taleb and his work on black
>> swan events (not to mention his bartending skills), Lila's Child fits
>> the bill, at least in my own personal experience. There was no way I
>> could reasonably expect what happened based on past experiences. The
>> effect of Lila's Child is still resonating with me, like a gigantic
>> bell that once rung has yet to dissipate... the chime only grows
>> louder and more insistent. And of course looking back I tell myself
>> how the entire process was bound to happen due to the preconditions
>> set in place.
>> Anyway...
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