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Austin Fatheree austin.fatheree at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 07:26:53 PDT 2015

So can any one give a cliffs notes version of where discussion of the MOQ
is at the current time?  I've tried reading some of the posts on LilaSquad
and I've clearly missed something as most of them are about religion and
some strange kind of AI that has inscrutable arrays of mystic sounding


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> Hello Austin,
> Great to have you with us! So you've read Lila and Lila's Child... you
> come prepared, I see. Speaking of Nassim Taleb and his work on black
> swan events (not to mention his bartending skills), Lila's Child fits
> the bill, at least in my own personal experience. There was no way I
> could reasonably expect what happened based on past experiences. The
> effect of Lila's Child is still resonating with me, like a gigantic
> bell that once rung has yet to dissipate... the chime only grows
> louder and more insistent. And of course looking back I tell myself
> how the entire process was bound to happen due to the preconditions
> set in place.
> Anyway...

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